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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions please check below or contact us.  We hope you enjoy your next Group Booking Offer.


How do I book an offer?

Phone up or email direct via the links shown.  Be sure to mention Group Booking Offers when making your booking.


Do I have to book in advance?

Ideally yes, even if it is at short notice.  However, you can drop into the venue spontaneously and ask if you can take the offer.  Please note the merchant has full discretion on all bookings and therefore the right to say no which is why we recommend calling first.


Are there any limitations?

Occasionally yes.  The merchant may specify certain criteria that the offer is valid for (times, items on the menu etc).  Check the offer description or ask when making the booking.  Please note that your Group Booking Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other promotions.


Why are some of the offers also on the merchants website?

Our aim is to increase peoples awareness of the fantastic offers that your local bars and restaurants will offer.  Therefore our site will have a combination of existing and exclusive offers available to you.


What types of bars and restaurants are you advertising?

Venues who have positive reviews and will deliver a good experience for your group occasion are featured.


I don’t have to download or pay for the offer….. Whats the catch?

There isn’t one. Our model is designed to be mutually beneficial.  Venues love to entertain groups of people, and groups of people appreciate good value.  So just call them up, quote us and enjoy your Group Booking.


What does 4-50 people mean?

This circle shows the smallest group required to benefit from an offer.  The large number represents the largest group size that you can reserve in the venue.


Are there any cancellation fees if we can’t make our booking?

This should be discussed with the merchant at the time of booking and they may ask for a deposit.  As with any cancellation please contact the merchant ASAP and their usual cancellation policy will apply


Who is your target market

Our inspiration came from working in the corporate sector and struggling to have a fast way to book a venue for a large group.  With so many work functions and team nights out, we now strive to develop the number one destination site to link corporate businesses with local venues.

The knock on effect will mean that this can be utilised by anyone looking to book a celebratory or social occasion.


Is there an App I can download?

Not yet, but watch this space, it’s coming soon.